Instagram does not allow 3rd party applications to publish photos to the app using their API, so in order for Pic Nix to exist, a workaround had to be created. Essentially, the only way to post a picture to Instagram is through Instagram. We considered hiring interns to do this. But after a long night of watching sci-fi movies, a solution presented itself in a dream: robots. A single robot, to be exact. We call him SILENT B.O.B., and B.O.B. allows us to publish the photos in real time, 24/7, without us torturing interns.

Basically, we created our own custom Instagram post API powered by robotic input.

Users build their anonymous posts on the Pic Nix website. Once a post is submitted through the site, it’s sent to a custom application that controls our robot and Bluetooth keyboard. The robot taps coordinates on the iPhone to simulate an actual physical post. During the posting process, the Bluetooth keyboard “types” in the image caption. Each post is created in about two minutes. We built a technical schematic if you’d like an in-depth look at the brains behind Pic Nix.


As of 2019, we shut the pic nix due to intagram policies.